New Demo/Mixtape!

2009-04-14 02:53:59 by Auecs

Hey Yall!

Thanks for stopping by my page again! Seriously. You all RULE! <3

Got a new mixtape 4 u guise... 8d1047/

Here is the track list:

1) Boys Noize vs. M.I.A. - Are You Dun Gun (Zane Spence+Nick Jones)
2) LMFAO vs. Evelyn Champaign King - I'm in Chicago Trick/Love Come Down (Auecs mix and mash)
3) Deadmau5 vs. Three 6 Mafia - Ghosts n Stuff/Rather get some head (Auecs mix and mash)
4) Auecs vs. AC/DC - In My Dreams/Let there be Rock (Auecs mix)
5) Auecs - Untitled
6) Auecs vs. Flo Ryda - The Country Bumpkin/In The Ayer (Auecs mix and mash)
7) Auecs vs. Timbaland - The way I are (Auecs mix and mash)
8) Auecs vs. Corona - Yes Please Perfectro/The Rhythm of the Night (Auecs mix and mash)




A fucked up picture of myself using Seam Carving GUI image resizing software. Its real pimp if you're into silly shit like I am.

Download that bEEatch right here:

Beware... It crashes a lot.

TIP: try taking a photo that is hella big and changing some of the dimension numbers around that are listed in the tool bar and see what happenzzz. Zany huh?

Have fun!


New Demo/Mixtape!

House Parties are the best.

2008-09-17 15:37:14 by Auecs

A house party is a special thing. Its where people come together to experience a night of social fun without spending 300 dollars at a club. Or maybe you're just underage and want to get drunk while you dance. ;-)


If you're in Chicago and you want to throw a bangin' party, hit me up on NG or MySpace!

This picture below was taken from the booth at a party I DJed at last weekend. It was about as hot and sweaty as you can imagine. That girl in the black dress on the left is the only one not having fun. lawl

House Parties are the best.

I'm AuECS!

2008-02-11 02:28:14 by Auecs

Hey everyone! I do electro music mostly. I think because I see more people doing electro, there should be a new category for it. Don't you think so?

Please feel free to listen, enjoy and REVIEW... :-)

I'm AuECS!

Hey Everyone.

I just completed (well, sorta) a new mix of all origial stuff. Some songs you might be familiar with and some songs are bran new!

its about 20:45 Minutes long and please feel free to give me feedback and if you hate it feel free to tell me that too.

Keep in mind that there is a but of touching up that I plan to do but I simply could not wait to get it to a presentable point to share with you.

Anyway. Enjoy!


New to the Grounds

2007-09-06 22:12:36 by Auecs

Whats up people. I am excited to share some music I have done! please give me feedback!