Entry #5

New Demo/Mixtape!

2009-04-14 02:53:59 by Auecs

Hey Yall!

Thanks for stopping by my page again! Seriously. You all RULE! <3

Got a new mixtape 4 u guise...

http://www.zshare.net/audio/58611144d7 8d1047/

Here is the track list:

1) Boys Noize vs. M.I.A. - Are You Dun Gun (Zane Spence+Nick Jones)
2) LMFAO vs. Evelyn Champaign King - I'm in Chicago Trick/Love Come Down (Auecs mix and mash)
3) Deadmau5 vs. Three 6 Mafia - Ghosts n Stuff/Rather get some head (Auecs mix and mash)
4) Auecs vs. AC/DC - In My Dreams/Let there be Rock (Auecs mix)
5) Auecs - Untitled
6) Auecs vs. Flo Ryda - The Country Bumpkin/In The Ayer (Auecs mix and mash)
7) Auecs vs. Timbaland - The way I are (Auecs mix and mash)
8) Auecs vs. Corona - Yes Please Perfectro/The Rhythm of the Night (Auecs mix and mash)




A fucked up picture of myself using Seam Carving GUI image resizing software. Its real pimp if you're into silly shit like I am.

Download that bEEatch right here:


Beware... It crashes a lot.

TIP: try taking a photo that is hella big and changing some of the dimension numbers around that are listed in the tool bar and see what happenzzz. Zany huh?

Have fun!


New Demo/Mixtape!


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2009-04-14 20:29:49

Hey just wondering, what's your Djing set up? :D

Would be cool to know.

Auecs responds:

This pic was taken at a loft party we did. We were spinning on some crappy Numark tables. Not great but they do the job. We have a pretty standard Behringer mix that is a clone of a fancy Pioneer one. I also have a 1200 watt system. Unfortunately 2 of the 4 speakers I have are blown. :-(


2009-04-14 20:43:02

lol you had to be SOOOOO wasted. hahahaha