"The Public Transit Mix" (unrevised) Fresh and Ready for you to download

2007-11-17 01:53:04 by Auecs

Hey Everyone.

I just completed (well, sorta) a new mix of all origial stuff. Some songs you might be familiar with and some songs are bran new!

its about 20:45 Minutes long and please feel free to give me feedback and if you hate it feel free to tell me that too.

Keep in mind that there is a but of touching up that I plan to do but I simply could not wait to get it to a presentable point to share with you.

Anyway. Enjoy!




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2007-11-28 08:46:58

You know... I could get you to be able to upload this baby on newgrounds... ^_'


2007-12-13 15:12:04

Cute Cat! I luv Cats!

JW... Would you like me to PM you for new music by me?