House Parties are the best.

2008-09-17 15:37:14 by Auecs

A house party is a special thing. Its where people come together to experience a night of social fun without spending 300 dollars at a club. Or maybe you're just underage and want to get drunk while you dance. ;-)


If you're in Chicago and you want to throw a bangin' party, hit me up on NG or MySpace!

This picture below was taken from the booth at a party I DJed at last weekend. It was about as hot and sweaty as you can imagine. That girl in the black dress on the left is the only one not having fun. lawl

House Parties are the best.


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2008-09-17 18:48:44

how did you get that many ppl to must be pretty popular : P(looks like a cool party)


2008-09-28 03:55:19

lol seems like tons of no fun I hate a parties myself but hey get that money man


2008-10-02 18:40:44

or she was REALLY drunk and just got sick. ha ha.


2008-10-08 05:48:56

yeah great party, i like partys

but is that a bottle of water or wine in girls hand? :D

Auecs responds:

Mickeys 40 oz. malt liquor. only the finest. Thats also whats sitting up behid the decks next to me. :-D


2009-02-21 15:34:32

OMFG. I've done a few of these. ITS THE SHIT.